In addition to providing valuable research to a range of clients who make a positive impact on society, we consider it our responsibility to make a more direct impact ourselves. To this end, we perform pro bono consulting to not-for-profit organisations around the world, as well as closer to home.

Corporate responsibility is a core part of our business. We are continuously learning new ways to improve our performance and are keen to share them with anyone who will listen. If you have an idea or think that we could benefit from any other action points, please let us know by emailing



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Corporate Responsibility

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The Research Base is committed to minimising the environmental impact and maximising the social benefit of its activities and, where possible, encouraging its partners and associates to do the same. We treat our partners, associates, clients and suppliers with respect and integrity.

We work in a paperless environment where possible and encourage those who work with us to do the same, be they suppliers or clients. We publish reports virtually, sending hyperlinks rather than paper reports, and where we cannot be paperless, we use FSC certified or recycled paper.

We minimise our emissions by walking, cycling, tubing or bussing to work. Where travel is necessary for meetings, we use public transport whenever we can. We also communicate virtually wherever possible.

Not only does this mean that we have a minimual environmental impact, but it makes good business sense too.