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The Research Base is an international social and market research consultancy which supports organisations to become more sustainable by delivering a strong evidence base for decisions, policies and strategies. Our specialisms include education and skills, international development/third sector and business research.

Our mission is to use evidence and intelligence to create a positive social impact. We manage our projects carefully and we work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that what we provide is what is needed.

We understand budgets, deadlines and priorities, and the complexities of organisations. We pride ourselves on our reputation and we focus on making sure everyone gets what they need. And, most importantly, we genuinely like what we do every day.

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We work in areas that we know like the backs of our hands.

We have an amazing network of talented associates who bring expertise in their fields, from development economics to social care.

We're quick, we're thorough and we're good.

We know a lot of secret search engine tricks to find what we're looking for and can distil the internet into relevant, useful information and recommendations.

Our qualitative researchers are particularly engaging and deliver interviews and focus groups to MRS standards.

We love analysing numbers. We can turn data into eyecatching visuals which tell their own story.

All our recommendations are underpinned by evidence, which means that they actually work.

Our clients comment regularly both on our integrity and the high quality of our work.

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