Monitoring &



Our general research services include desk and literature reviews, policy analysis and think pieces, economic analysis, surveys, interviews and focus groups. We use a variety of methods to answer tricky research questions and to provide our clients with a clear evidence base.

Our market intelligence work includes PESTLE analysis, competitior analysis, benchmmarking, SWOT analysis and evidence-based recommendations for market approach, entry and development. We have delivered international market intelligence across over 70 countries.

Our M&E services provide an extensive picture of how an initiative or programme is performing and achieving an impact. We focus on giving concrete, actionable recommendations which will allow charities, businesses and social enterprises to make evidence-based decisions.

Our consultancy services are designed in collaboration with clients to form the basis for evidence-based strategy. We provide consultancy in areas such as project management, TVET systems, impact strategies and other areas of expertise.

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