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Our work for businesses and social enterprises focuses on helping businesses to maximise their return on investment while delivering a positive social impact for customers, shareholders and stakeholders.

We provide bespoke research, which allows organisations to make evidence-based operational and strategic decisions.

Our tool-kit is drawn from across the social sciences. Where appropriate, we adopt a ‘mix-methods’ approach - which integrates expertise from such fields as economics, statistics and anthropology - to deliver robust, actionable results.

Monitoring and evaluation, while already a prominent feature in the public sector and charities, can deliver significant benefits for businesses.

We provide tailored monitoring and evaluation services that help organisations realise the full benefits and impact of their programmes, and maximise their return on investment.

We offer whole programme evaluations that triangulate evidence from range of sources to deliver reliable conclusions.  

Depending on clients' needs, we can conduct focus groups, stakeholder interviews and surveys; as well as analysing internal data such as KPIs, budgets and delivery reports.

Our market intelligence reports allow businesses to test and refine ideas, using the best available data and analysis.

Clients' report are tailored to their needs - they specify the research questions, whether to draw on international materials - and we deliver a well presented, rigorous basis for effective decision making.

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